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Gerry House

Where Psychological And Medical Needs Combine For A Successful Transition

Gerry House is a 3-month drug and alcohol residential treatment program for adult men and women who are either HIV positive or IV drug users who may be on methadone. This 12-bed facility founded in 1990, was the first State-licensed site in California uniquely designed to serve this population.

From the start, Gerry House staff has had in-depth experience with treatment and the specific psychological and medical needs of those plagued with drug and alcohol addiction. The program blends the 12 step models with numerous clinical modalities. Because Gerry combines these models the program is highly effective in working with dual diagnosed clients who make up a high percentage of those underserved.  Our clinicians understand the challenges and specific needs of these populations. 

Gerry House offers a wide range of services to specifically assist all clients as they face their personal challenges of recovery.

Services include:

  • Individual and Family Therapy
    • Cognitive Behavioral
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Solution Focused

  • Group Therapy
    • Process Groups
    • Life Skills
    • Anger Management
    • Relapse Prevention
    • Cognitive Behavioral
  • Developing a Supportive Recovery Network
    • Getting a Sponsor
    • Working a 12-Step Program
    • Attend Regular NA/AA Meetings
    • Make Friends in Recovery

  • Assistance in Obtaining Needed Medical Services for a Variety of Conditions, such as
    • Hepatitis C
    • HIV/AIDS 
  • Aftercare
    • Individual Therapy
    • Continued Group Participation
    • Ongoing Involvement and Support with a 12-Step Program

Focusing on Education and Long-Term Success.

Whether in methadone treatment and/or HIV positive, all clients go through a minimum three-month commitment designed to identify the psychological aspects of their drug addiction while teaching coping tools to live drug free and successfully reintegrate into society.

Based much on Cognitive-Behavioral principles, the program consists of three phases.  The duration of all phases is based on the observed behavior and progress of each individual client.

  • Phase 0 is the orientation phase which lasts at least 14 days. It is an introduction to the therapeutic drug treatment environment, individual and group counseling process and the program philosophy. Clients learn new coping skills and are required to take an oral exam with core staff on these tools and find a sponsor to be able to transition to the next phase of treatment.
  • Phase I teaches basic coping skills needed to live a drug free life. Clients are required to complete daily thought records, trigger charts, and anger journals. Clients are expected to go to NA/AA meetings with a sponsor to begin developing a sober support system. Clients embark on a therapeutic project that helps them uncover patterns of drug use, depression, anxiety, relapse, and other maladaptive behavior styles. The primary goal during this phase is for clients to adapt coping skills and understand underlying causes of addiction to be able to solidify relapse prevention skills. Clients develop a treatment exit plan to transition to the next phase of treatment.
  • In Phase II begins the client’s transition back into society, and builds on the successes and skills attained in Phases 0 & I.  The reintegration process utilizes involvement in school, vocational rehabilitation, employment, or volunteer work, establishing strong support systems including mentor or sponsor, as well as establishing a safe place of residence.

Continuum of Care

  • With the experience and knowledge to understand that transitioning into living a drug free life can be a mission wrought with triggers and pitfalls, Gerry House provides ongoing support that continues the sense of community gained while in residence.  Clients are encouraged to become mentors and positive examples for those currently going through the program.
  • Straight Talk understands the importance and need for clean and sober environments for clients transitioning from Gerry House treatment out into the community.  Therefore, the agency has expanded its services to include collaborative living sites that cater to the needs of those in recovery and/or living with the challenges of HIV/AIDS.
  • Gerry House has served over 900 clients since 1990 when the County of Orange contracted for such services. 

For additional information on Gerry House please contact Carol Nash at 

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